Friday, October 3

what "local" means to you

Guest at check-in: Are local calls free?
Schatzi: Yes, you just dial 9 for an outside line. And don't forget that in Portland, you dial the area code for local calls.
Guest: Why is that?
Schatzi: Oh, I believe they needed more phone numbers due to all the cell phones.
Guest: So I dial 9, and then 214, and then the number?
Schatzi: Is 214 the area code?
Guest: Yes.
Schatzi: Then it's not a local number; you'll need to use a calling card.
Guest: But it's a cell phone, and she's in Portland.
Schatzi: A local number has to originate in Portland, with a 503 or 971 area code. Regardless of where a cell phone is located, it's not a local call unless it is FROM Portland.
Guest: But she's in Portland!
Schatzi: It's long distance, and you'll need a calling card to call it. Our phones are only set up for local calls or 800 numbers.
Guest: Well, I don't understand, but I'll just use my cell phone to call her.

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