Wednesday, October 1

i guess we should have known

Guest calling from room: When is our room paid up until?
Schatzi: Just a moment while I check the computer, ma'am. You are paid through Friday morning.
Guest: So we can come down and pay for the weekend anytime before Friday morning?
Schatzi: I'm sorry, but we aren't taking any reservations for this weekend, as we're booked.
Guest: Our room isn't available?
Schatzi: No, I'm sorry, but we have no availability this weekend. We are completely booked for Friday and Saturday night.
Guest, to companion off the phone: She says the room isn't available this weekend. She says they're all booked up.
Companion: Ask her why they didn't say so before?
Guest, to me: Why weren't we told when we checked in?
Schatzi: Unfortunately, when a person checks in for two days, we have no way of knowing whether they plan on staying longer unless they tell us. So if you didn't say that you might want to extend your stay, we wouldn't know to tell you that you couldn't. It's the guest's responsibility to let us know things like that.
Guest, to companion: She won't say. She's just beating around the bush. [What???]
Guest, to me: If we come down and pay right now, will that guarantee we can stay in our room this weekend?
Schatzi: I'm sorry, but your room is already reserved this weekend, as is every other room in the motel. We're not accepting any reservations for this weekend.
Guest: Well, I still want to know why we weren't told we could stay this weekend!
Schatzi: I'm sorry if you feel there was some miscommunication, but unfortunately at this point we have no options to extend your stay. [In the immortal words of Paul Reubens in Nice Dreams: I'm NOT sorry!"]


HutchDeluxe said...

It's even simpler than that: you booked the room for 2 nights, so we reserved 2 nights, not 4. You told us you were checking out by only booking 2. Duh, turd for brains.

Schatzi said...

I think it's just too tough for most of our guests.