Sunday, October 12

all we've had turned in today are a morning star and a pike

Creepy, smelly woman in leather pants who's been staying here for a week: This key isn't working, and I need to speak to your manager or owner or whatever.
Schatzi: Here's your reset key, and my manager will be in tomorrow. Is there anything I can help you with?
Creepy smelly woman in leather pants, shaking her head: No, I need to let him know that you have a thief among you.
Schatzi: Oh, really? Is there something missing?
Creepy smelly woman in leather pants: I have two blades that are missing.
Schatzi, thinking of knives: Blades?
Creepy smelly leather pants woman, gesturing with her hands: One this long, and the other about this long. Schatzi: What kind of blades?
Creepy smelly leather pants woman, significantly: Swordblades. They're gone.
Schatzi, remembering how this same woman lost her remote twice the night before, and both times called to say the housekeepers had taken it: And you're sure you didn't misplace them?
Creepy smelly leather pants woman, shaking her head: No.
Schatzi: Okay, I'll be sure to let him know.
Apparently, our nice little housekeepers (who are all matrons with many children and speak very little English) covet swordblades. I'm so sure.

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LDP said...

If it makes you feel better, I'm sure she never stood a chance of winning The Prize.