Thursday, March 19

old friends return

Hurrah, Wallace is returning to the lol-iday inn! You might remember my stalwart compatriot from the graveyard shift, who left in October after the shooting. Well, the job hunting has been poor since then; he reports that where there were once three or four other people at interviews, there are now twenty or more, some in three-piece suits, people who lost GOOD jobs. So he's back at the good old lol-iday inn. We're easing him in real gentle-like, starting with three nights a week. It'll be nice having someone both reliable and sensible on the night shift again.
Reflecting on the current economy, particularly in light of Wallace's experiences, I am glad to be at the lol-iday inn. Sure, the people sometimes suck, but where do they not? It's a comfort to have a job it's almost impossible to get fired from, especially since I have a lot of flexibility with my hours while in school. And my boss is pretty decent. Hurrah for the lol-iday inn!--at least, til I am done with school.