Thursday, September 4

like pulling teeth

Schatzi: Did you want to guarantee that reservation with a credit card?
Customer on the phone: I have a MasterCard.
Schatzi: Okay, I'm ready for the number.
Customer: It's a Washington Mutual MasterCard. But there's no money in my account. Can I pay cash?
Schatzi: You may pay cash when you check in, sir, but to guarantee the reservation I need a credit card number. We won't charge anything until you check in, and you may pay cash then if you wish.
Customer: Okay, let me get my credit card. It's in my truck. Can you hold on?
Schatzi: Sure.
Customer: [4 minutes later, no joke] I have my MasterCard.
Schatzi: I'm ready for the number, sir.
Customer: It's a Gold MasterCard. From Washington Mutual.
Schatzi: Okay, I'm ready for the number.
Customer: There's four four-digit numbers on it.
Schatzi: Can you read those to me, sir?
Customer: All of them?
Schatzi: Yes, sir.
Customer: [he reads them and stops]
Schatzi: May I have the expiration date, sir?
Customer: 2010.
Schatzi: And the month, please?
Customer: July.
Schatzi: Thank you, sir.


HutchDeluxe said...

Don't forget to tell the crackheads when he checks in that he keeps his credit card in the truck.

Phill said...

He had to read ALL four sets of numbers!?!

Schatzi said...

People are amazing.