Wednesday, May 13


I was working late tonight, and a woman came in asking about a room for one. She looked really familiar, and I was certain she'd stayed here before several times, but I have a hard time putting names to faces (a liability here). I asked for her ID, and when she handed it to me, examined it. And then looked at her and said, "This isn't you."

She huffed and puffed about how it most certainly was her.

"For one, this picture isn't you; it doesn't look anything like you." I continued speaking over her sputtering. "For another, this ID is for an eighteen year-old. You are waaaaay past eighteen, lady." (She was at least a decade older in appearance, plus I KNOW HER.)

"That's my twin sister."

"Riiiiight. Regardless, I'm not renting to you."

I'm going to have Adrienne take a look at the footage; I am sure she'll remember this woman's name.


LDP said...

"I'm not renting to you."

Is it as awesome as it sounds, getting to tell that to people?

Schatzi said...

It's so much more awesome!

HutchDeluxe said...

Oh, that makes it OK then, if this ID is for a twin with a different birthday. Your first lie is magically excused!

Do people really expect to hear that?

Schatzi said...

I know, right?
"Oh, your twin sister? Well, that's all right, then! Take a room, any room!"