Wednesday, April 22

no, your other right

I often am called upon to give directions to and answer questions about other lol-iday inn locations, although we are all separate entities. Now that our parent company has built another location on the same street as ours, but ninety blocks east, things have gotten slightly more complicated.
Caller: Is this the lol-iday inn on A Street?
Schatzi: There are two on A Street now, and this is one of them. There's one at about 90th , and another at about 183rd--do you know which you're looking for?
Caller: The one by B Street.
Schatzi: B Street runs parallel to A Street for its entire length, sir. [Note: The two streets are one block apart throughout the entire city, so it's "by" both locations.] Can you think of anything else nearby?
Caller: Well, it's by 181st.
Schatzi: That's a lot closer to 183rd than 90th, so let me give you their number. Do you have a pen?
Caller: Uh, no. Hold on.

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