Thursday, July 17

it's so hard to say goodbye

One of my favorite regulars, Kathy, is no longer staying with us. She was dropped off by her man late Saturday night after he and two of his other girls beat the crap out of her. Her arms and chest were mottled black and blue, and the right side of her face was completely swollen; it looked like she had somehow stuffed a softball into her mouth. The graveyard guy insisted on calling an ambulance for her, but she refused to say who did it. Graveyard guy made sure to give the cops the vehicle description and plate number for her man (read: pimp). While I was on my weekend, Kathy was added to out DNR (do not rent list), and asked to leave.

She was a very nice lady, always stopping in to say hello and alerting us when she knew of dealers, junkies, or other working girls on the premises.


Phill said...

I don't quite follow but she can't rent a room from ya'll because she got beat up by her pimp?

Schatzi said...

I guess so. I think my boss was trying to get rid of her anyway, figuring that she attracts attention from the "normal" guests as a forty year old hooker with DDs does. It's unfortunate since she didn't cause any problems for us.