Sunday, June 8

where, oh where has my little crack rock gone?

A very interesting woman left belongings here yesterday (I'll tell you about that later), but apparently forgot a thing or two because she just called.

Guest: I left some of my things there yesterday. I got most of them, but I'm missing a few things.
Schatzi: What's that?
Guest: My phone charger--
Schatzi: That was with your backpack; I remember putting it on top of it myself. But I'll check the Lost and Found to see if it's there. What else?
Guest: My dog's medicine. I left it on the bed, and he'll die if he doesn't get it.
Schatzi: Well, that's not good. What was it? What did it look like?
Guest: I left it on the bed in a small plastic bag, maybe 4x4?
Schatzi: I see. Well, if it looked like garbage, the housekeepers probably threw it out if they found it.
Guest: It's real important that I get it. Can you check the Lost and Found? It's white, and looks like little rocks.
Schatzi: Uh-huh.

I actually took her phone number down. The charger was indeed left in the Lost and Found, but sadly for her dog, the crack was not.

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Phill said...

I'm sure plenty of dog medicine looks like crack.