Thursday, May 1

not getting it

Guest: I want room 126 for four nights.
Schatzi: I'm sorry, but 126 is only available Saturday. The only rooms at the end you prefer that will be open for those four days are 227 and 228.
G: Well, put my friend in 227, I want 126.
S: It's not available during your stay.
G: I'll stay in 126 Saturday, then move.
S: I'm afraid I can't guarantee you a room to move to since this weekend we're almost completely booked. I can put you in one room for four days, but I can't move people from room to room due to how crowded we are this weekend.
G: I want to be in one room the whole time.
S: Well then, I can put you in 227 or 228 for all four days.
G: I want 126; I've stayed there before. Why can't I have it?
S: It's already reserved for three of the days you'll be staying here. It's only open Saturday; I would have to move you inot it tomorrow, and out again Sunday.
G: Is there anything else on the first floor in that building?
S: The only other first floor room I have is 134 at the opposite end of the building, but it is open all four days.
G: Is there another one next to it for my friend?
S: No, 134 is the only room at that end of the building that is open for the four days that you'll be here. The only other rooms open for those four days are 227 & 228--at the opposite end of the building. Those three rooms are the only ones available for all four days.
G: I guess that will work.
S: Which room???
G: I'll take 134, and my friend will be in 227.
S: Okay then.
G: I just don't understand why I can't be in 126; I've gotten it before when I asked.

Note how she completely misses that only those three rooms are open. WTF? I felt like I was on repeat for six minutes, going through this over, and over, and over.

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HutchDeluxe said...

That's awesome. First come, first serve apparently is too new and complex for some people.