Thursday, April 17

repeating yourself isn't going to make them appear on my guestlist

Caller: I'd like to speak with the Jones family; they're checked in there.
Me: Just a moment, ma'am, while I check my guestlist. [pause] I'm sorry, but the Joneses appear to have checked out.
Caller, slowly: I'd like to speak to the Joneses.
Me: I'm sorry, ma'am, but as I said, they appear to have checked out; there's no one staying here by that name.
Caller, after another pause, and with deadly calm: I'd like to speak to your supervisor.
Me: I'm sorry, but he's not here at the moment. If he were here though, he wouldn't be able to connect you to the Joneses either, ma'am, because they're not staying here.
Caller: Fuck you! [hangs up]

I told the MOD about this call the next day, giggling the whole time. She told me she was glad that I was laughing, because she would have been "pissed beyond belief at that shit."

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